Our Patient Care Mission

GSK is a company that challenges the paradigms to make a difference. Our strategy and objectives are hard-wired for innovation and success. Bringing the right portfolio of medicines to the right patients is one of our strategic priorities.

By introducing innovative medicines & vaccines, and initiatives such as establishing Nurse Training & Respiratory Rooms, Vaccination Rooms and the Smart Parent Campaign, we are on track to deliver our patient care mission in the region by 2020.

New medicines & vaccines 

At GSK Vietnam, we are committed to ensuring that patients have access to GSK’s portfolio of innovative, affordable and quality medicines and vaccines which treat major diseases and protect against preventable diseases. 

Nurse Training Programme

GSK wants to make contributions in improving nurses’ knowledge and skills in the use of respiratory medicines. Nurses play an important role in working with patients to help them understand and learn how to correctly use the asthma devices. This increases patients’ compliance with their asthma/ COPD treatment. This is further enhanced by ensuring that educational materials for patients in the respiratory rooms of hospitals nationwide are well equipped. All these initiatives ensure better skills and facilities, and demonstrates our commitment to put patient care at the heart of all our activities.

Vaccination room

At GSK Vietnam, we are concerned about the conditions under which vaccinations are administered to patients in the provinces, where the number of vaccination rooms are limited. GSK works with hospitals in the provinces to help them set up standard vaccination rooms. The initiative aims to provide kids in provinces with proper vaccination conditions by 2018 and especially help parents understand the importance of vaccinating their children.