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Vietnam stories

GSK antibiotics – Enduring trust

With more than 30 years’ experience in the treatment of bacterial infections by GSK’s product line of antibiotics, we expect to continue to strengthen your trust by comprehensive commitments

Patient Care Mission

GSK is a company that challenges the paradigms to make a difference. Our strategy and objectives are hard-wired for innovation and success. Bring the right portfolio of medicines to the right patients is one of our strategic priorities. By launching innovative medicines & vaccines, together with initiatives including establishing Nurse Training & Respiratory Rooms, Vaccination Rooms and the Smart Parent Campaign we are on track to deliver our patient care mission by 2020.

Training midwives

For several years, GSK in Vietnam and Tu Du Hospital have provided scholarships for more than 700 ethnic minority young girls to be trained in community healthcare with the aim of reducing complications and deaths during childbirth in remote parts of the country.

Water Safety

GSK and Red Cross in Vietnam embarked on a “Water Safety” project to help children get to school safely in flood affected areas, and to provide students access to clean water.

Uoc Mo Cua Thuy Fund

“Uoc mo cua Thuy” be inspired by a young citizen of Ho Chi Minh city – has led a positive life and believed in miracles. She has passed away due to bone cancer but Thuy’s passionate spirit continues to thrive and give strength and belief to young cancer patients.