Our commitments

Innovation for unmet medical need

Adapt the open innovation R&D model, currently used for Diseases of the Developing World, to apply to other areas of great unmet medical need and scientific challenge, including infectious disease and Alzheimer’s disease, by 2015.

 Progress: On track

Worked to promote R&D of new antibiotics and accelerate development of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease through the Innovative Medicines Initiative, and continued to research multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Developing vaccines that don’t need to be kept cold

Invest in the development of vaccines that don’t require continuous refrigeration, making distribution easier and less expensive.

Progress: Partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate advances in vaccine research, including making them less vulnerable to heat.

Building products to better meet needs

Continue to build a core range of products and formats to better meet the needs of people across the globe, including those less able to access and afford our products.

Progress: Our ‘catch-up’ programme in developing countries received approvals for a further 18 products in 2013; and we reached 16,000 villages in India with low cost nutritional formulation of Horlicks.

Better access to medicines and vaccines

Further embed our flexible pricing strategy and innovative business models for our prescription medicines and vaccines, to increase usage among those less able to access and afford our products.

Progress: Updated our approach to tiered pricing for vaccines.

Reducing child mortality

Continue to invest in innovative cross-sector partnerships to reduce child mortality.

Progress: Formed a ground-breaking partnership with Save the Children to help save 1 million children’s lives.

Strengthening healthcare infrastructure

Continue to work with partners to support the development and strengthening of healthcare infrastructure. We anticipate this could improve access to healthcare for 20 million under-served people by 2020 (vs 2012).

Progress: Launched innovative partnerships with Barclays and Vodafone and invested £5.1 million in strengthening healthcare infrastructures through our 20% reinvestment programme in Least Developed Countries.

Access to antiretroviral treatment for HIV

Through ViiV Healthcare, continue to increase access to our medicines and care for adults and children living with HIV around the world. We will help WHO and UNAIDS achieve their goal of reaching 15 million people globally with antiretroviral treatment by 2015.

Progress: Committed to grant the UN-supported Medicines Patent Pool, a voluntary licence to develop paediatric formulations of the antiretroviral medicine abacavir, to treat HIV in the 118 countries where 98% of HIV positive children live globally.

Fighting malaria

Build on our 30 year commitment to contribute to the fight against malaria through continued R&D investment and partnerships on the ground.

Progress: Announced large scale phase III trial data for our malaria vaccine RTS,S and are developing a medicine, Tafenoquine, in partnership with MMV for the treatment and relapse prevention of vivax malaria.

Eliminating and controlling tropical diseases

Help to eliminate and control ten neglected tropical diseases that affect 1.4 billion people, by 2020 – including the elimination of lymphatic filariasis, through our continued investment in R&D, ongoing product donations and our contribution to the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Progress: Donated 763 million albendazole tablets to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis and control soil-transmitted helminths, and screened our compound library for promising treatments for parasites that cause sleeping sickness, Chagas Disease and Visceral Leishmanias.

Eradicating polio

Continue to support the WHO objective of eradicating polio by 2018 by providing vaccines to UNICEF until this is achieved.

Progress: Provided a further 412 million doses of Oral Polio Vaccine to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.