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Rhinitis is commonly co-existent with asthma. There is up approximately 80% of patients with asthma have rhinitis and about 30 – 40% of patients with rhinitis have asthma. GSK Representative office in HCMc would like to organize the webinar "CAUSE AND EFFECT: UNDERSTANDING THE INTERPLAY BETWEEN ALLERGIC RHINITIS AND ASTHMA" to help the pharmacists understand the interplay between allergic rhinitis and asthma and also update the relative guidelines for pharmacist only.

  • Date: Wednesday, 10th July 2016 Time: 11:00 – 12: 15
  • Speaker: Dr. Nguyễn Như Vinh
    Allergy and Respiratory expert
    Medical consultant, GSK

In this webcast, Dr. Vinh will set the scene by examining the science behind asthma and co-morbid allergic rhinitis and bring the science to life through the use of a clinical case featuring a patient with asthma and rhinitis. He will move on to discuss the approaches used to diagnose and treat patients suffering with asthma and co-morbid allergic rhinitis, and finish by discussing the clinical challenges and exploring treatment options available.

After that Phar. Phan Thi Thanh Huong will talk about the efficacy of intranasal steroid on eyes and nose symptoms for allergic rhinitis patients. Then Phar. Nguyen Viet Trung will share about the important role of using inhaler devices correctly in asthma & COPD treatment.

This will be an interactive and engaging forum to learn and share experiences. We look forward to your participation at this event.

To register, please contact GSK staff (