GSK’s combination vaccine has returned to supply Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, 17th November 2017, GSK Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City announces that GSK’s combination vaccine that prevent diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, hepatitis B and Invasive diseases of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) has been imported and distributed to hospitals, preventive medicine centers and medical facilities nationwide this month. This is part of GSK’s efforts to address stock shortages that have have been a concern to healthcare professionals and parents. GSK is committed to providing Vietnamese children with a high quality combination vaccine that will protect young children against serirous infectious diseases.

Disease outbreak threats due to vaccination noncompliance 

According to Ministry of Health (MOH) statistics, due to non-compliance of vaccination schedule among children, a number of Disease outbreaks have returned to Vietnam. In 2014, there was a measles outbreak in Vietnam that infected thousands and led to the deaths of 150 children, 90% of whom were not vaccincated. More recently, in July 2016, there was an outbreak of diphtheria in Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province that infected 37 people and killed three people[1].

 Many widespread pediatric infectious diseases like pertussis (whooping cough) also have severe consequences on children. It is also a contaginous disease with high complications especially  infants that may leave children with permanent health issues due to respiratory tract damage and Paroxysmal cough. Thanks to the national vaccination poragram, the number of pertussis cases in Vietnam has decreased considerably. The rate of pertussis infection has dropped nearly 249,4 times since the vaccination program started 30 years ago. However, it there are still between  200 – 300 pertussis cases recorded annually nationwide[2].

 The hemophilus influenza agent can lead to a number of health issues among children under the age of five, the most common being meningitis whitch can result in deafness, mental retardation, etc. Not having been vaccinated against Hib or missing vaccination shots can have serious consequences for children.

 Protect children against various diseases with vaccines 

 “There is no boundary when it comes to the spread of infectious diseases. The capability to travel the globe within 24 hours makes it possible to transmit diseases from one continent to another. Therefore, vaccination is the best solution to protect people anytime, anywhere, even in regions with outbreak threats. 

 “If the community is not fully vaccinated, it will affect the future generation. According to statistics, 60% of children unde rthe age of one are infected with meningitis by Hib; Severe pertussis hospitalizes 72% of children under six months old; 90% children infected with hepatitis B may develop to chronic hepatitis, of whom 25% will be at risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis. Therefore, it is important to have children under six months vaccinated in timely manner. Especially the compulsory vaccines. To achieve this, everyone must join hands together, from healthcare professionals, R&D, vaccine manufacturers and the community to increase people’s awareness, and to give children the chance to get better access to vaccines to prevent dangerous communicable diseases,” says Associate Professor, PhD, Dr. Phan Trọng Lân, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute. 

Protect children with combination vaccine 

According to WHO, a combination vaccine has been certificated effectiveness and safety by WHO in children and hamless their immunization system, reduces pain caused my multiple injections, reduces side effects post-vaccination such as fever, time and money saving for parents. 

 “GSK is one of the world’s most innovative research-based pharmaceutical companies. Our mission to improve the lives of people. Our goal is to ensure children all over the world gain access to basic vaccines that can save them from preventable communicable diseases. Therefore, by bringing combination vaccines to Vietnam, we hope that Vietnamese families and babies will benefit from our efforts and many more children will be protected against communicable diseases,” says Mr. Juby Chandy, Acting Head of Representative office of GSK Pte Ltd in Vietnam. 

Aside from being effective in preventing many common diseases among children, GSK’s combination vaccines meet world-class quality standards, with each vaccine dose undergoing almost 200 quality checks before being officially distributedt. All GSK vaccines are manufactured with same quality standards around the world Stability in the quality of these combination vaccines will increase safety, minimise risks during vaccination and reduce pain for children.

About GSK   

 GSK – one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.  For further information please visit .

In addition to GSK’s efforts to provide stable and quality vaccines to Vietnam, GSK has also collaborated with various NGOs to help improve maternal and children healthcare in Vietnam.    

Recently, in partnership with Save the Children, GSK announced a joint healthcare project of $356,000 over three years in Yen Bai Province. The project aims to enhancing healthcare services for mothers and newborns among ethnic minorities, hence minimizing the mortality rates in this province. 

Prior to that, GSK jointly with Save The Children awarded the Healthcare Innovation Award to PATH Vietnam in partnership with MOH and Viettel to accelerate the implementation of the National Immunization Management System. The cost-effective system will help manage and monitor basic healthcare issues as well as keep track of vaccination schedules among children. This is a big leap for Vietnam and the first step in digitalizing healthcare management and mornitoring in the future.

 GSK is one of the largest bio-vaccine companies in the world, developing, producing and distributing over 2 million vaccines every day to people in 170 countries. GSK is also known as a global leader in vaccination and medicines access. With the aim to provide equal access to vaccinations for people in all countries, including Vietnam, GSK always invests strongly in R&D to develop the next generation of vaccines.

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