Global HCP Engagement Initiative and Travel Sponsorship Programme

As your local GSK representative, I am excited to share with you more detail regarding specific positive changes that we are making to the ways in which we work with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). It relates to providing support to HCPs to attend credible scientific conferences, through our new 3rd Party Travel Sponsorship Programme:


How we are changing

  • By now, you will likely have been made aware of a number of changes we are making at GSK to work more transparently and remove perceived or real areas of conflict of interest. Including:


  • Sales professionals are now incentivised based on their technical knowledge, the quality of service they deliver to HCPs to support improved patient care and a broader set of business performance measures. This is to give you confidence that we put patients’ interests first in every interaction with you.
  • We have stopped direct payments for HCPs to speak to other prescribers on our behalf about our medicines and vaccines.  This is not a cost saving measure for GSK; neither is the activity inappropriate. However, patients must have confidence that a treatment decision made by an HCP is not based on financial interests with GSK.


  • For the same reason above, we have stopped direct payments to HCPs for attendance at medical conferences by the start of 2016. Instead we will support attendance through independent third parties.


  • Your local GSK office has now launched the new Travel Sponsorship Programme
  • Medical Practice Consulting (MPC) is our preferred 3rd Party that will support this travel sponsorship programme
  • To ensure that you get informed via email of any future sponsorships, please visit the MPC application portal and register at:
  • To review a list of currently available sponsorships, please visit:


This brochure outlines the changes we are making and what you should do to ensure you are informed of relevant sponsorships. We look forward to building positive change in the way we work together.  We want to help you help your patients do more, feel better and live longer.