The way that our medicines and vaccines can be prescribed by doctors and the regulatory rules under which we operate differ between countries.

Additionally, in most countries we are not permitted to advertise medicines and vaccines to members of the public, although we are able to provide more information about our consumer products.

Therefore we provide information about our medicines through local websites rather than this global website. This means that we can provide non-promotional information that is relevant and appropriate to each country.

Our prescription medicines and vaccines

You can find specific information on our products in individual countries by choosing the relevant country from the menu below. We do not provide a comprehensive list of our products on this website as regulations restrict information that a company can provide about prescription medicines and vaccines.

Health for all

Good health cannot be undervalued: it enables people to live life to its fullest, allowing people and communities to prosper.

Our consumer healthcare

We bring dental health products, over-the-counter medicines and skin care to millions of people. Many of our brands, such as Sensodyne, Panadol, Aquafresh and Physiogel are familiar around the world.