Employees helping communities

There is a lot of good that employees in a company as large as GSK can do by building healthier communities where they live and work.

Orange Day

Orange Day

Every GSK employee is granted one day each year to volunteer in their community. It's called Orange Day in honor of our brand color. Orange Day enables GSK employees to make a significant difference through engaging with a chosen community project, organisation or cause which they support. In GSK Vietnam, Orange Day is held 1 time a year amongst employees, who focus efforts on:

  • Providing basic medical knowledge to caregivers and babysitters
  • Improving living standards for orphans and disadvantaged children through activities such as painting lessons, upgrading libraries, planting trees, and giving Friendship houses.
  • Providing love and care though storytelling, games and lessons
  • Voluntary care for newborns and infants 


Save the Children

Save The Child

Our partnership will touch many areas of our business, in particular utlising our R&D capabilities to help save children’s lives.

The GSK and Save the Children partnership will focus on:

  • developing child-friendly medicines to reduce child mortality and new-born deaths
  • widening vaccination coverage to reduce the number of child deaths in the hardest to reach communities
  • researching new affordable nutritional products to help alleviate malnutrition in children
  • increasing investment in the training, reach and scope of health workers in the poorest communities to help reduce child mortality.
In Vietnam, GSK works with local partners to help ensure school children living in rural poverty have access to schools by providing the infrastructure and floating backpacks in flood prone areas. Several local fund contribution activities are held throughout the year which is matched by GSK employees and the company. 


Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run

Inspired by someone who did so much to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, over 100 GSK staff and their families join the Terry Fox Run every year to raise funds to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in the region.