Eligible independent medical education providers

The following organisations are eligible to apply for an educational grant

  Healthcare service provider
  Professional medical society
  Patient group or medical education charity
  Academic institution that trains healthcare professionals

Eligible independent medical education providers, or the independent medical education function of the provider, must be independent from industry influence and must not provide non-independent services to commercial industry. Independent medical education providers that provide both marketing and independent education services will need to demonstrate how their independent education services are free from commercial interest in their application.

Providers need to be able to design and deliver high quality multidisciplinary education initiatives. Collaboration amongst providers to capitalise on each other’s areas of expertise is encouraged. Proposed initiatives must aim to improve patient health and strive to objectively measure a change in healthcare professional performance.

To qualify for funding providers need to be able to measure a UK change in healthcare professional knowledge, or a higher level of educational outcome that measures a regional or local change in healthcare professional performance and patient outcomes. Further detail on the possible outcomes that could be measured is outlined in the following section Educational grant proposal review

(1) Please refer to Moore D. E., Journal of Continuing Education in the Healthcare Professions, 2009, vol. 29, issue 1, pages 1-15 http://www.sacme.org/Resources/Documents/Virtual%20Journal%20Club/Moore_evaluation_article.pdf